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Rome-The Eternal City.A Photo Tour.

Rome,the capital of Italy,is not only the biggest city in the country but also it's number one highlight.With a history that spans more than two and a half thousand years,Rome is a museum itself. It's historic center is listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.
From the Colosseum,the prestigious Amphitheater which construction completed in 80A.D.,to the Vatican City,the smallest independent state in the world and heart of Catholic Christianity,the city's sightseeing hotspots are among the most beautiful in the world.
The Roman Forum,the center of political and commercial life of Ancient Rome,still remains majestic while Pantheon,which name comes from the ancient Greek adjective πάνθειον and means "of all gods",preserves almost incorruptible until today.
The Trevi Fountain is an outstanding construction,honestly,the most beautiful fountain i have ever seen,while the Sistine Chapel,which is located in the Vatican City,is a masterpiece of art.
With many remarkable,elegant squares such as Piazza Navona and Piazza Di Spagna and gorgeous paved streets,Rome offers unforgettable day and night walks through a splendid scenery.
All the monuments,the fascinating architecture and the vintage atmosphere together with the trendiest shopping streets,the city's contemporary lifestyle and the exceptional cuisine rank Rome among the most visited destinations in Europe.
The most famous attractions are usually overcrowded all day long (something that i actually don't like) but there still are two reasons why you don't have to worry.
1.You must be a tourist in the Eternal City at least once in lifetime.Simply because it is one of the most historic and stunning places on Earth.
2.You can always find secret,lovely spots among the most popular.
Ancient Rome.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo,Cappella Sistina.

Inside Musei Vaticani.

Piazza Navona.


Beside the Colosseum.

Facing the Colosseum.

Piazza Venezia.
Piazza Di Spagna.

Via del Corso.

Crowded Via del Corso on a sunny Sunday.

Via dei Condotti.

Through the narrow paved streets.

Beautiful architecture.

Shopping street Via del Babuino.

Piazza del Popolo.
Piazza Navona.

For a night walk.
 All pictures belong to my personal photo gallery.I used my Nikon D5200 and my iphone 5.
As you noticed,i didn't post any picture of the Trevi Fountain which was under restoration.
The good thing is that i had the chance to admire this magical place on my previous visit in Rome,10 years before.The bad thing is that i didn't save any pictures..So until next time!

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  1. Stunning pictures! Heading back to Rone briefly next week, can't wait. Is it really hot at the moment?

    Gem x