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September experience:Dusseldorf,Germany.

Built right next to the "romantic" Rhine River,Dusseldorf is the capital city of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia.Despite the fact that it constitutes a financial center and is globally known  for its business activity, it still is an attractive tourist destination.From the Konigsallee,the admirable central Boulevard and the gorgeous cityscape(beautiful buildings and a canal that is surrounded by big trees) to the Altstadt,the Old Town with the impressive architecture and the elegant paved roads,Dusseldorf offers everything: Culture,
luxury fashion shops,cozy cafes,crowded bars and of course,traditional pubs that serve German specialities.
Therefore,this is a perfect weekend break,especially in September,when the weather is still warm,the colors of the city unique,its scenery incomparably beautiful and its habitants still out in the streets.
  Things to do: 
1.Enjoy exclusive shopping at the Konigsallee.

If you are a fashion addict,this is your place.If not,you can still enjoy the nice walk,as this area is,definitely,a great one to spend your day.
Konigsallee Boulevard is an elegant shopping street,actually,one of the most popular in Germany and in the world in general,where fascinating malls,classy boutiques and famous designers shops are located.Here you can find everything,from luxurious clothing,jewelry and exquisite artwork to electronics and all the latest gadgets.
Browse around,get up and down at the department stores and if you finally shop,be prepared to spend
some money.Meanwhile,stop and have a coffee(there are many pretty cafes in the zone), buy pastries and traditional sweets at the splendid patisseries that are around.Have lunch at one of the many lovely bistros.
In the end and no matter if you are a "Gucci friend"or not,you will absolutely love the whole experience and appreciate this outstanding shopping metropolis.

2.Explore the Altstadt day and night.

 Get lost in the streets of Dusseldorf's Old Town and "feel" the vibrant atmosphere!Enter the fascinating small shops,admire its landmarks,the Rathaus(Old City Hall) and the statue of Jan Wellem.Stop at the Block House and eat its famous steak,otherwise order a cup of cappuccino and enjoy the charming environment and its wonderful surroundings,including the St. Lambertus Church.Drink local beer-the Altbier- at  Brauerei Zum Schiffchen's lovely yard.Accompany your drinks with a traditional wurst plate.Cross again the Old Town until you meet the Rhine.Walk along the riverbank.Take a look at the brilliant view.Take a picture of the impressive Rhine Tower.
This place is even more beautiful during the sunset.You will,absolutely,be amazed at the magical scenery.Don't forget to stop and have one more drink here.There are a lot of cafeterias just beside the river.The area is a gorgeous hangout-for locals as well- if the weather is good.

Dusseldorf's Altstadt is known as "the longest bar in the world",simply because this small area hosts more than 300 bars.It is also home to some of the city's best restaurants.Consequently,it is a great option for dinner and drinks as it remains lively until late night.

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All pictures belong to my personal photo gallery.I used my Nikon D5200 and my iphone 5.


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