One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things


Because,travel is awesome!

Jumeirah Grand Mosque,Dubai,UAE

Statue of Buddha,Sri Lanka

Amsterdam,The Netherlands

St Stephen's Cathedral,Vienna,Austria

New York City,USA

Victoria Harbour,Hong Kong

If i look back at the first time i got into a plane,heading somewhere in the world and compare that to the last,i would have to say that i felt exactly the same,huge,excitement.That strong feeling,the new things i saw and the amazing experiences i lived,made me travel again.And again.And again.Until now.I could write a hundred and more reasons why travel is awesome,but the first and the last would be this:Travel makes you a better human being.It makes you rediscover yourself ,change your mentality.It learns you to accept and like the difference,to appreciate,to respect.Isn't that awesome?

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