One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things


Great cities,great escapes

One thing i really love,is visiting big cities.I remember the first time in New York.I got up to the Rockefeller Center,stared at the view of the skyline in front of me and just said "WOW"!!I was so impressed!!Actually,
it's not only the stunning skyline.Visiting a big city and following the city's life,gives you the chance to have a good,good time.Many and different people,different cultures,diverse neighborhoods,large variety of restaurants with interesting food choices ,shopping malls,local markets,nightlife.Certainly,you can find high floor restaurants with great views and surprisingly tasty food.Drinking a glass of wine and observing a city like Singapore or Hong Kong,is definitely,my favorite moment.Tasting different cuisines and international specialities is at least,extraordinary.Visiting local markets is an absolutely unforgettable experience.You can find anything,from second-hand furniture and clothes,until unique gifts,gardening accessories and talented street performers.Walking among unalike neighborhoods,is one of the most attractive points.Distinct communities,all together.Chinatown and then little India and then Arab street...and that's how it goes...
That's why i adore big cities:Firstly,because you are given so many options to enjoy your time,but basically because vintage joins the new,East joins the West,luxury joins the dissatisfaction.It's fascinating how,so many contrasts create such an incredible combination.
All photos belong to my personal photo gallery.
1:Singapore's skyline. 2:Drinking a glass of wine at the Fullerton Bay Hotel,Singapore.
3:Local restaurant,Singapore. 4:Chinese restaurant,Singapore.5: Sultan Mosque,Arab street,Singapore.
6:The Peak,Hong Kong .7:View from my room,at Intercontinental,Hong Kong.
8:Local restaurant,Hong Kong. 9:Local market,Hong Kong. 10,11:Times square,New York
12:Little Italy,New York.13:Walking around,Chinatown,New York.14:Chinatown,New York.
15:Up to the Rockefeller Center,New York. 16,17: Drinks at the top floor,John Hancock Building,Chicago.

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