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Decorating the Christmas tree!!

After a year,full of experiences,good and (fortunately,only a few) bad moments,here is the most extraordinary!It's time to decorate,again,the Christmas tree!!Although i work much more during the Christmas period,i am always excited to do this!Because i love that feeling,that smell...I love being full of the Christmas spirit!Home now, is exceedingly colorful,brighter and warmer,ready to welcome friends and family.

Normally,every year, i change the house's decoration,but i always use the same basic elements.So,this year,my white tree is more girly,with pink,purple,gold and white Christmas ornaments,multicolored cupcakes,candies,sweets,donuts (not real) and pink and purple lights.The ornaments don't have the same size and shape and i love that variety!

Furthermore,i decorated a smaller,table top Christmas tree.It is a really nice idea,if there is not enough space for a big one.It is also gorgeous,if you have a large living room,to have a second tree on the table,where Christmas lunch will be served.For a change,don't choose the classic, green tree but a different color.White,gold,silver,you can find anything you like!Choose a color that matches with your ornaments,or with the plates and glasses that you will select for the Christmas dinner.Trust me!The table will look adorable!
By the way,i chose a fuchsia mini tree.

If you love flowers and gardening and you have a balcony at your apartment,then,don't waste time,decorate it!Your baby trees will look so pretty on their "Christmas dresses"..I chose my olive tree and used red balls and bows.It is really wonderful to look out of the window and see your garden in Christmas mood!!!

This special part of the year is a great opportunity to get creative and finally, feel happy..Get creative with the Christmas meals,cook for your family and friends..Make your own Christmas cards and send them to your beloved,who are far..Make your own ornaments,or select the most shiny ones and decorate your home..Even though you find it hard to be excited about Christmas,you will,certainly,catch yourself singing a Christmas song,while smiling...You will love the feeling of watching a Christmas movie near your lightened,colorful tree...

 All photos taken by me.


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