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Maldives...Some diamonds in the Indian Ocean..

I could write so many beautiful words about that place,but honestly,they wouldn't be enough.Maldives is an "island country" in the Indian Ocean and it is located about 400km south-west of India.The country consists of many many small islands and the capital is the island of Male.
The International Airport of Maldives (Ibrahim Nasir International Airport-MLE) is located near the Capital Island Male and it is one of the most impressive airports i have ever been! It is built on a small coral island/reef and that does it at least fascinating! So,landing in Maldives is an extraordinary experience.You can enjoy great views from the sky, even without seeing the runway (there is only one runway). And suddenly, you have already landed! The airport is very small,so you definitely won't get tired searching for the passport control or the exit.The visa is free for 30 days, for all Nationalities and it is issued on arrival.
One thing to be careful about: As all your luggage will be security checked, do not carry with you alcohol or any inappropriate content.Maldives is a Muslim country and it is strictly prohibited.
When you exit the airport,you will easily find the people of your hotel, that will carry you there.In Maldives,almost every hotel has it's own,different small island.The access is by boat (for those hotels which are quite near the airport) and by hydroplane (for those which are far). I chose the "Kurumba Maldives" which is very close to the airport.It took me about 20min by fast boat to reach my destination.
Just an advice:Flying with an hydroplane is a unique and amazing experience,but keep in mind that sometimes,due to weather conditions or completeness,the scheduled flights may be canceled.So then,you have to reach your destination by fast boat and that may take hours.

In Maldives there are resorts for all budgets,although in general,it's an expensive destination.And it is expensive because no other place on earth is like this! A stunningly beautiful landscape with palm trees,white sand and blue crystal waters.Perhaps,the best scenery of your life.A scenery that you can hardly believe it is real.Moreover,all the resorts offer a great sense of luxury! I insist, it absolutely worth the money!

Without doubt,in Maldives your holidays will be very relaxing as you will spend the whole day on a swimsuit.However, there are many things to do around the resort during your stay,so, you certainly won't get bored.
Every hotel in Maldives has water sports facilities.That may include windsurfing, canoe, water skiing, wake boarding and  catamaran sailing. So,you will obviously find something you like,or you will start a new hobby! (You don't have to worry. If you are a beginner,they can give you some lessons!)
Snorkeling is a must do.You can't even imagine the underwater beauty of Maldives,unless you see it!When you arrive, ask for the hotel's map.There, all the coral reefs around the resort will be marked.That makes it so easy, to do it alone.If  you still want something special,go to one of the hotel organized excursions.They will take you (by boat) to larger coral reefs, where you can snorkel or dive.I am sure you want regret it!
One of the best moments of the day is,definitely,the sunset.Enjoy this exceptional moment with a cocktail at the hotel's bar,or more simple,at the beach on your deckchair.Alternatively,go on a sunset cruise,which is organized by the hotel.There,you will have the chance to enjoy a glass of champagne,while watching the dolphins coming out of the water and playing!

Another thing you must try, is your hotel's spa.The oils and the pastes that they use are usually made from local products.That does the treatments outstanding! Normally, many and different packages are offered.Choose the most weird or unusual,like a "spa under the stars",which is a massage under the night sky,near the ocean.And yes! It is an experience you will never forget!!
Furthermore,if you are a yoga lover,practice it on the beach!!Contact the spa and they will offer you different sessions.Even if you are a beginner,you will find it cool!
A typical day at the resort starts with a good breakfast.The breakfast is a must-try ,as the buffet offers a huge variety of dishes and of course "international specialities". Maldives is,also,the right place for fine dinning! Every hotel has at least three restaurants, with different cuisines,from Japanese sushi to Italian pasta.In my opinion,you must try the Indian cuisine.If your hotel has an Indian restaurant (and it will have,probably) book a table,go,taste and you will love it! Indian dishes are delicious,but you have to be prepared because the majority of them are spicy!

If you search for another unforgettable experience,i got it for you! The "private dinning". It usually takes place on the beach ,under the candle's light ,the table and the chairs are decorated with flowers and you have your own waiter.If you are honeymooners it may be complimentary.Many hotels congratulate you this way !
Alcohol at those resorts is commonly expensive.However,there are some packages,with reduced prices,that include beverages or food and beverages.Ask for it, along with your check in and you will probably make a good deal!


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