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Monaco prepares for the F1 Grand Prix

These days,a significant celebration is taking place in Monte Carlo.Of course i refer to the F1 Grand Prix.A glamorous place accommodates an illustrious event.And this is the perfect combination.
I was in Monaco from May 2 to May 4, 2014, so i had the luck to see what it will look like during the Grand Prix.The preparations were almost in "final phase".

 As all the F1 lovers know, the circuit of Monaco is very special.It consists of the streets of Monte Carlo and includes the harbor, as well as the famous Casino.The fact that the race takes place inside the city makes this Grand Prix impressive and delightful for the fans and for thousands of people that watch it on TV. On the other hand it is considered to be one of the most demanding drives in the F1 racing.The race circuit is fairly narrow and combines many difficult turns.I realized it myself, when i drove my rented car through those streets.I just asked myself: Is it possible to drive here with a velocity of 150 or 250 km per hour? Unbelievable!!

 I'm not the hugest fan of this sport,but i wish i could attend this race once in my life for one reason: Monte Carlo is a stunning place that matches perfectly with the F1's prestige.I think that the spectacle will be extraordinary and totally, this amazing show will provide the most remarkable experience.

Tip: If you are a lover of antique,vintage and clasic cars,you can attend the annual historic Grand Prix of Monaco (Grand Prix Historique) which takes place 2 weeks before the F1 Grand Prix.There, you can travel through time and meet the historic motorsport.This event includes many races.In each race participate motorcars from different categories.
All pictures belong to my personal photo gallery. I used Nikon D5200 and i phone 5.


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