One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things


Postcards from Seychelles

Seychelles is a 155 island country in the western Indian Ocean.It is located in Africa,east of Kenya and northeast of Madagascar.If you look at the map,you will see only a small dot.And i wonder,how is it possible for a small dot on the map to hide this majesty,this splendid scenery and so many magnificent pictures...
In these granite and coral islands you will discover some of the most beautiful and virgin beaches in the world.In the capital island,Mahe,you will visit peaceful Victoria,one of the smallest capitals in the world.
In Seychelles you can find well organized,luxury resorts with great location and excellent service that will,definitely,satisfy you even if you are demanding enough.
Seychelles is an ideal destination for nature lovers,couples,honeymooners,families and for those who search for a relaxing holiday,after a difficult working year.As for me,this place offered some of the most relaxing moments of my life,so far.
A picture is worth a thousand words,so,here is the photo gallery..Seychelles,as it was seen through my eyes and captured by my camera.
All pictures are mine.I used my Sony Cybershot camera.


  1. Wow you were right, for such a small dot on a map it offers so much beauty. You photos are great!