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Top Pick:May Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam.

I could write so many good words reviewing this restaurant..Without getting paid to do so..Just because it made me feel so excited,it pleased me much more than I expected..
May Restaurant is hosted in a pretty French Colonial Villa and gives you the chance to live the ultimate experience: To taste original Vietnamese cuisine in an exquisite environment that,actually,seems unreal,that belongs to another time.
The truth is that,firstly,I was disappointed because it was hard for my taxi driver to find this place.However,my mood absolutely changed when i got into the villa.I passed by the ground floor,where the bar and the open kitchen are located,got up the stairs and entered a small,lovely,pink room.Saw the table.
Right next to a big window.I was totally amazed.This room was strange and familiar at the same time.
Immediately loved not only the area that was surrounding me,but the whole May's objective:Several small dining rooms,decorated in a vintage homely style.This place was so hospitable.As a matter of fact,i felt like home.There is,also,a beautiful terrace on the top floor,which provides romantic ambiance and elegant views.I would recommend to choose the terrace for your lunch on a sunny day.You will,definitely,fall in love.

After the first good impression,the waiter appeared and,honestly,made my excitement even bigger.A guy that could hardly speak English,but so gentle,ready to help and explain,ready to answer every single question!
Finally,the order was given.Salad with pork and prawns,the famous Vietnamese vermicelli rolls with pork,
sauteed beef with vegetables and stir fried noodles with mushrooms.All these accompanied by a fine white wine.
Yes,the food was beyond my expectations.Extraordinary.So delicious,full of flavor.The best i have eaten in Ho Chi Minh City.The salad and the appetizer were served in a delicate way,with homemade Vietnamese sauces.

May only uses fresh ingredients of high quality,that can be found at the local markets.Furthermore,it doesn't use any chemicals and it is completely against MSG.It's owner,a Vietnamese-French Chef,adopts traditional Vietnamese techniques that learned from her family.As a result,all dishes are cooked in a very healthy way.
The menu includes more than  hundred dishes.Likewise,there is a large variety of wines.
And finally,when i finished dinner,it was time for the bill.I could not believe in my eyes.The bottle of wine cost around 400,000VND (approximately 17,00 euros) and most dishes cost  under 100,000VND (approximately 4,30 euros)!!
In the end,very happy after the whole splendid experience,-one more plus-i didn't get tired searching for a taxi.There are always taxis,outside,in front of the villa.
Do not miss May Restaurant when in Saigon.I am sure you will love it too.It is,beyond any doubt,a highlight from my trip in Vietnam.Personally,i rank it among my top dining experiences in South East Asia.
All pictures taken by me.I used my i phone 5.


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