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Photo essay: 16 reasons(pictures)why you should visit Monaco this spring.

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world,after the Vatican City in Rome,Italy.It is located on the beautiful French Riviera.It is only a small dot in South France with coastlines along the Mediterranean Sea.
I visited this brilliant place last May and i definitely fell in love..If i was asked to give a small description,i would have said: Gorgeous buildings,splendid architecture and a wonderful marina..Memorable walks under the bright sun and right next to the sea..Exquisite and exceptional,at the same time,landscapes..Extraordinary beauty that consists of the mountains that peacefully embrace the sea..A delightful stay with a great sense of luxury..
A picture is worth a thousand words.Here is Monaco through my camera.I used my Nikon D5200 and my iphone 5.

At the Opera (Opera de Monte-Carlo).

The famous Casino.

Stunning Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo at night.The best place to stay in Monaco.

Lovely views from my room at the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo.
The Prince's Palace of  Monaco.

A vintage Ferrari at the Old Town of Monaco.

The Old Town of Monaco.

The Old Town of Monaco.

Fabulous architecture.Old Town of Monaco.

Beautiful narrow streets.Old Town of Monaco.

Overlooking the Mediterranean.At Horizon Deck,Fairmont Hotel Monte-Carlo.


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