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Spring Highlight-Pelion,Greece.

Pelion is a beautiful mountainous peninsula located in Thessaly,central Greece.The mountain is situated right next to the city of Volos,almost 400 km away from the capital,Athens.According to the Greek Mythology,Mount Pelion was the house of the Gods during the summer months.It also was the homeland of the mythological half-man,half-horse
Due to its diverse landscape -hills covered by dense vegetation and two coastlines along the Aegean Sea and the Pagasetic Gulf respectively,that include beaches with crystal blue water- Pelion is a wonderful holiday destination all year long.The varied flora and fauna make it a top choice for the lovers of nature.Its tranquil ambience and the many offered family friendly activities make it an ideal destination for families.
Even though the numerous gorgeous beaches form a good reason to visit Pelion during summer,the most magical season that composes the most splendid images is,undoubtedly,spring.When the scenery is incomparably beautiful and bright.When the green trees and the blooming flowers create a colour explosion that can hardly be seen at any other time of the year,including summer.
Among the peaks there are many traditional villages which are characterised by a unique architectural style.Stone is the main construction material here,consequently the buildings look even more delicate.Their distinguishing feature is the grey stone roofs.Exploring the villages you will walk through elegant paved roads,happen upon pretty squares with stone fountains and discover Orthodox Churches,great samples of the country’s cultural heritage.
Portaria and Makrinitsa are among Pelion’s most popular villages receiving thousands of visitors throughout the year.Definitely,not by chance.Portaria constitute one of the best maintained traditional villages in central Greece while Makrinitsa was named as the balcony of Mount Pelion since it offers breathtaking views over the city of Volos and the Pagasetic Gulf.
Here you will taste the region’s traditional specialties made by the finest ingredients in every single restaurant.Each village has several,differently and usually wonderfully located.As it’s almost always(except winter) outdoor dining season in Greece,most of them offer fabulous exteriors,gardens and patios with occasionally stunning views.You will dine in the fresh air and you will love every bite.
Along with the restaurants there is a great assortment of cafes to choose from for that “necessary break”.Traditional coffee houses as well as modern cafe-bars are open all day long and some of them until late night serving coffee,drinks,cocktails,cakes and snacks.Pretty details such as colourful cushions,stylish items,vintage artwork and potted plants make these places feel like more than just ordinary cafes.For sure,more cozy and warm.
As for the accommodation,there are many diverse properties so travellers can find everything from 5* star luxury and boutique hotels to traditional guesthouses.Regardless of your preference for a spectacular luxury spa and some fine dining options or an isolated comfy room with a fireplace,there’s definitely a property in Pelion fit for your type. 
Don’t forget to walk all the way from Portaria to Makrinitsa.This route provide superb opportunities to discover and explore some of the best of the area’s landscape and wildlife plus smashing vistas over the sea.

Before departing,stop by the area’s delicatessens and shop Pelion’s traditional agricultural products and authentic tastes such as homemade marmalades and noodles,tea,green herbs,honey and apples.

All pictures belong to my personal collection.I used my Nikon D5200 and my iPhone 5.

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