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Bucharest,Romania-A photo collection.

Bucharest is the capital and the largest city of Romania.
Even though it is not listed among the most visited European cities,it still is a very interesting destination and totally worth the visit.
Its distinct architecture is a mixture of several styles,however,it could be easier characterised as Neoclassical,Communist and Modern.
Every corner of the city seems to be part of its attractive history.The standardised apartment blocks reflect Nicolae Ceausescu’s governance that lasted more than 20 years while the city’s historic hidden Churches and Monasteries with the many Byzantine influences point out the strong relationship between Romanian people and Orthodox religion.
You will admire The Palace of Parliament,the world’s biggest Parliamentary Building.This enormous construction which is widely known as the People’s House was an ambitious vision of dictator Ceausescu when he started rebuilding Bucharest after the tragic earthquake of 1977.
You will be surprised to see how similar Bucharest and Paris are!The popularity of many French architectural styles during the period between the two World Wars gave Bucharest its nicknames “Little Paris” and “Paris of the East”.
From the Arcul de Triumf,the impressive copy of the Arc de Triomphe,the Neoclassical Romanian Athenaeum and the two pretty and peaceful parks,the Cismigiu Gardens and the Herastrau Park to the vibrant Old City with the paved streets and the many elegant buildings such as the iconic Caru’ cu Bere,a Gothic Revival Building with an Art Nouveau styled interior,everything reminds of the City of Light and radiates this French sophistication.
After all,one thing is certain: Bucharest can please even the most demanding traveler.

Its diversity,the unexpected combination of apparently mismatched elements which is a result of its rich recent history should be enough motivation.

All pictures belong to my personal collection.I used Nikon D5200 and iPhone 5.

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