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Sensational Hydra Island,Greece-Where history,illusion and reality meet.

Situated in the Aegean Sea,specifically in the Saronic Gulf,southwest of Athens,Hydra Island is part of the Argo-Saronic Islands.Due to its comfortable location -it is very close to Greece’s main port,Piraeus- and the frequent transit service,it receives a large number of foreign visitors as well as many Athenians during spring and summer months,every year.Much of Hydra Island is barren land,therefore,it mostly is a tourism-dependent province.
Its long history starts from the ancient years.With a really small population,it probably served as a maritime base for the Greek Kingdoms during the Early,the Middle and the Late Helladic Period.There is more clear evidence of habitation and trading during the Byzantine and,much more,during the Ottoman era when the shipping industry rapidly expanded.Because of its trading and navy ship strength,Hydra Island together with the other two naval Islands of Spetses and Psara played a key role in the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire.
Its “heroes”,the admiral Andreas Miaoulis,his son Athanasios Miaoulis,Prime Minister of Greece and the admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis,twice President of Greece,were very important people of their time.
After the creation of the independent Greek state Hydra faced an economic crisis and quite later the Second World War.During this period many inhabitants died or abandoned the island.After World War II it overcame many adversities and gradually developed into a popular tourist destination(especially in the 1960s) with a major contribution to the country’s growing tourism industry.

Not by chance.A place of great interest itself,surrounded by crystal blue water,
with 300 churches,7 monasteries and a main town which consists of a beautiful port,white and pastel stone mansions with blue windows and colourful doors,it has inspired many famous Greek and foreign artists and many times was a movie scenery.Pablo Picasso visited the island and sketched its scenic landscape while mega star Sophia Loren exposed it to the world when she starred as Phaedra in “Boy on a dolphin” in 1957.
Greek Department of Archaeology declared Hydra Island as a protected area,preserving its “integrity of place” and its culture.Vehicles are not allowed in the island.There are donkeys and horses,respectively.In Hydra you can find one of the oldest pharmacies in Greece that established in 1890.
Nowadays there still is a glimpse of old time,but the island is also closely adapted to the contemporary lifestyle.Restaurants,shops and bars surround the port while the traditional mansions open their doors and offer five star accommodation.
Some restaurants serve authentic,homely cooked Greek dishes.At the same time,others offer innovative Greek cuisine.
You will walk around the narrow paths right next to gorgeous bougainvilleas.You will sit under big plane trees.You will enjoy magical sea views during the sunset.
So,what are you waiting for?

All pictures belong to my personal collection.I used a Nikon D5200 camera and an iPhone 6s plus.

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