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Dining in Lisbon-Three restaurants you should book a table at.

1.Sacramento Do Chiado.
Centrally located in Chiado neighbourhood,in Lisbon’s historic centre,Sacramento restaurant features traditional Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist.
The wonderful design,the remarkable decoration and the pleasant staff create a cozy atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome.
The food is delicious and every course is beautifully presented.The menu includes a variety of local cheeses and cold cuts,tasty meat,seafood and fish dishes and,of course,tempting desserts.The expansive wine list features the country’s best produce as well as a great selection of wines from around the world.

Right next to the dining room there is a bar where you will grab some drinks until your table is ready.Here,every night is busy.Even if you book in advance-which is required-you will probably have to enjoy at first Tito’s (the bartender's) company.Trust his recommendation and select the most tasteful wine straight from the wine cellar.It will perfectly accompany this exceptional dining experience.

2.Restaurante 100 Maneiras.
A sibling to 100 Maneiras Bistro,which was one of the four restaurants chosen by Anthony Bourdain to come out on his TV show No Reservations in 2012,and a few doors away,this tiny-about 30 seats- restaurant offers an exclusive dining experience in Bairro Alto,perhaps the most popular nightlife venue in Lisbon.Many times named as one of the Best Restaurants in the city and in the entire country,this cozy place features a unique tasting menu (i tried 8 dishes) inspired by its owner and award-winning chef Ljubomir Stanisic who specializes in Food Chemistry.
Stanisic,using advanced cooking techniques,presents innovative and delightfully designed dishes that can please even the most demanding gourmet and fine dining lovers out there.I still can’t forget these codfish chips that looked like hanging clothes!
Along with the food tasting menu,100 Maneiras suggests a pairing wine tasting menu which is also fantastic.It is worth mentioning that its wine list features the best Portuguese wineries and is verified as one of the best three in the country.
As for the waiting staff,they are polite,helpful and quite knowledgeable,giving a respectable detailed presentation of each dish and the accompanying drink.
If you want to escape from the normal a la carte menu and live a totally different,amazing culinary experience,just give 100 Maneiras Restaurant a try.Book your table in advance.As already mentioned,the space is limited.

3.5 Oceanos.
Perfectly located right next to Tagus River,under the spectacular 25 De Abril Bridge,5 Oceanos Restaurant specializes in seafood and fish.It consists of two parts,a main building and a wonderful verandah which overlooks a small beautiful marina.The ambiance,relaxing and cosmopolitan at the same time,along with the interesting menu,give a feeling of a fascinating gastronomic journey.
The quite extensive and eclectic menu relies on fresh ingredients delivered to the restaurant every day,promotes the local produce,for example,the Portuguese olive oil and pays tribute to the flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean.Combining high quality materials with traditional Portuguese cooking methods,it offers many options: Salads,starters and main dishes including fresh vegetables,shrimps,octopus,mussels,sea bass and,of course, codfish.Here you can taste some of Lisbon’s most popular dishes such as grilled sardines and Bacalhau a bras (salted cod with onions,fried potatoes and scrambled eggs) accompanied by the best partner: The exquisite Vihno Verde.
5 Oceanos is open everyday for lunch and dinner from 12:00 pm to 1:00 am. Reservations recommended.

All pictures belong to my personal collection.I used iPhone 5.

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